What is the online Language Café?

вас интересует язык? You didn’t understand? But you’re interested in what it means? 🧐
Then this event is probably something for you:
यह एक बहुत ही खूबसूरत दुनिया है! Oh sorry. The language café! 😁🌎🌍🌏
Every Wednesday (same time) we’ll meet online in Discord to talk and play online board games! 🗣️🔈♠️👾🧩
How do we talk? Well that is the clue! 🤓 There will be different sub-channels and in each there will be spoken a different language: In one channel いくつかの奇妙なもの, in another channel kafa karıştırıcı felsefe, and so on…
Which language is offered is obviously depending on the participants: You can’t eather start as an interested new learner with just a few knowledge or help others to take advantage of your skills 🤤
It’s all about geben und nehmen! 🤲 Excusez-moi encore une fois…
With all that being said, here ist the link to the channel:
You can also join before the event taking place to communicate your prefered language and get an overview if you want to 👀
So hopefully see you on Wednesday then! 🙂🙃


Language Cafe Titelbild Bruno

Online Language Café