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  • Schlossbeleuchtung: huge firework around the castle, usually three times in the summer
  • Heidelberger Frühling: Music-festival in spring
  • Heidelberger Herbst: Music-festival in autumn
  • The Gloria cinemas are two small cinemas in Heidelberg: one in the city centre and the other one in Neuenheim. They don’t only show a few of the latest blockbusters, but also present an interesting collection of older films and independent cinema. The Karlstorkino offers a similar selection.
  • There are several theatres in Heidelberg. Click on the link and find a description of all of them. The “Romanischer Keller” is particularily interesting for students as many student theatre groups show their performances there.
  • Read the Ruprecht – our award winning student newspaper – to find out interesting news you won’t get in other newspapers.


  • “Die Untere” is a long street in the city centre of Heidelberg filled with small pubs and bars. If you want to get to know them all and take advantage of some nice discounts, join us on our pubcrawls 🙂
  • Nice Clubs in Heidelberg are:
    Halle02, KlubK, Mel’s
  • Also go to Mannheim to enjoy its great night life:
    Suite, Koy, Hafen49, Das Zimmer, Soho
    and the Schneckenhof (students party every Thursday during the semester)


  • Use the DB App or go to their website to find out which train goes where at what time. The VRN-App/Website is particularly focused on regional trains.
  • The Erasmus Students Network “ESN” has organised many cool events for you. Check our mutual event planner and go to their website for more information.
  • With your student ID you can use public transport within the whole VRN transportation district for free:
    During the week (mon – fri) after 7pm, all weekend (sat – sun) and on public holidays.
    N.B.! The trams and buses stop running shortly past midnight. They are replaced by moonliners, which don’t run as regularly. Download the map to see where they go.
  • You can buy a semester ticket for around 150€ in the internet or at the main train station if you bring your student ID with you. With this ticket you’ll be able to take every regional train in the VRN district at any time. This is only useful if you’ll make trips through the region during the week days though.
  • Try to get yourself a bike! It’s the cheapest and quickest way to get around.
    Cheap places to buy one are:
    Ruprecht Rides Hans-Bunte-Straße 6, Eppelheim
    Rad Point Untere Neckarstraße 64
    Fahrradhof bike im Bahnhof Heidelberg main station track 1b
  • At VRN Nextbike, you can lend bikes and even use them free of charge for 30min (15min between two uses).
  • If your bike is broken, go to the URRmEL. This service, supported by the University of Heidelberg, will provide you with all the information you’ll need to repair your bike by yourself.