“Are you EXTREME enough?” – BriXtreme 2020



Two members of AEGEE-Heidelberg were recently going on an adventure in in Italy and here you can read and see how they have experienced the AEGEE-Spirit!



“Are you EXTREME enough?” was the motto of BriXtreme 2020, the summer event of AEGEE Brescia. – Climbing up above the trees, kayaking in the burning sun, swimming in an ice cold glazier lake and surviving the (ex-) red zone in the mountains of Northern Italy. We can say: We did it all and it was extremely “fantastico”!


Kayak Turm Paar


Hike Mauer

Wald Berge

The event started in the precious city of Brescia, where we had a tour around the old town and castle before we drove up the mountains to Pianezza.
From our house in that little village we, the 25 participants plus the team of AEGEE-Brescia, started day trips to surrounding spots like Lake Oseo, a climbing park and the mountains around. Accompanied by different workshops, team building and also fun games we had five great days. In spite of the covid measures we grew together as a group coming from different countries and backgrounds.