Watch-Think-Discuss: Let’s talk about YOUrope!


With our newest project which started in January we want to create an open space for discussions and provide you with the opportunity to learn more about current issues and to share your opinion.

Following our slogan: “Watch – Think – Discuss” we meet on a regular basis, watch a short video (e.g. a TED talk) and discuss! The talks will be on a current and relevant topic from all subjects.

In our first discussion we watched a TED-Talk about “Filter bubbles” in social media and how they influence our “google results” and “facebook news”, in the second meeting, we went back to the roots of AEGEE and talked about a borderless Europe!

The “Watch-Think-Discuss” events will take place twice a month: you can find the exact dates, topics and location on our Facebook-Page:

No matter if AEGGEan, international student or Heidelberger: everyone is welcome! So feel free to join us, the admission is free.


Let's talk about YOUrope!

Let’s talk about YOUrope!