AEGEE HD met local politician to discuss upcoming tuition fees

Do you think it’s unfair that students from non-EU-countries (with a few exceptions, e.g. Erasmus participants or refugees) will have to pay tuition fees in Baden-Württemberg? So do we! But why should we from AEGEE, known as a European organization, care? Well, Europe isn’t only the EU. AEGEE does have antennas in countries that are affected. But much more important, in… Read more →

Hello from our new board!

We did it! On January 17th, AEGEE Heidelberg elected three new board members. The position of our Vice-President for European Affairs is now held by Sviatlana and it is Christoph who takes the responsibility of all financial matters as our new treasurer. We also added a new position to the board: from now on, Jessica will represent the Public Relations… Read more →

New Board

Yesterday we elected a new board! It was a long night, but it was worth it: We proudly present President: Florian Hauger Vice-President for European Affairs: Michaela Vogl Vice-President for Erasmus Activities: Christian Schoder Secretary-General: Martin Klassen Secretary: Tim Bittersohl Treasurer: Andreas Luckert Read more →


We’d like to share AEGEE Europe’s statements about the UK’s “Brexit”-referendum as there is nothing to add: “It undoubtedly poses a challenge to European integration, but also an opportunity to regenerate and energise the European Union, reform it and pave the way to a real Europe of citizens. AEGEE members have a key role in this, so let’s keep spreading… Read more →


Europapark 24 June ’16

Just like last year we set out from Heidelberg incredibly early (6.30am) so we’d make as much as possible of our day out. And just like last year it was incredibly hot, which was great for all the water-y rides, though. No wonder we didn’t manage to go on every single roller-coaster in Germany’s biggest theme park, but I’m pretty sure we… Read more →

Party ohne Grenzen

Party ohne Grenzen 17 June ’16

AEGEE’s „Party ohne Grenzen“ in association with Studieren ohne Grenzen was pretty awesome! I really enjoyed the party’s intercultural spirit and the amazing beats of DJ Craaze. Also, it was amazing to join our forces with another non-profit organisation to organize such an event. Canoa Bar was a sweet choice for the location: good and cheap drinks and a crowded… Read more →


Agora Bergamo 18-22 May ’16

An AGORA is AEGEE’s general assembly and the greatest and most important youth meeting in Europe. Spring Agora 2016 was hosted by AEGEE-Bergamo and became one of the biggest Agorae ever. More than 1.000 AEGEEans from all over Europe joined their forces and discussed about the future of our continent, voted on position papers and proposals and elected the new… Read more →

Candlelight Picknick

Candlelight Picnic at Bismarck-Tower 08 May ’16

On a warm Sunday evening we met on the banks of Neckar and walked along the Philosopher’s path to the Bismarck Tower. There, we set up a nice little picnic surrounded by candles. Everyone brought some food and drinks and AEGEE provided beer, small pretzels and Spundekäs, a traditional German cheese. A small bonfire was made to keep the freezing… Read more →


Network Meeting Groningen 13-17 April ’16

Right before the beginning of the new semester Anna and I wanted to hold on to the break a little longer and decided to drive all the way up to Groningen in the Netherlands for a Network Meeting (NWM). We spent two nights in Groningen before taking a ferry to the beautiful little island of Ameland. Besides all the lovely… Read more →