New format: Europe café! Vol.1 Populism

Europe café? Watch-Think-Discuss? Difference??

We know that it could have been confusing for some of you that we launched a new discussion format, although the Watch-Think-Discuss format already existed. Here is the answer why:

Watch-Think-Discuss is a project by Aegee-Heidelberg whereas Europe café an idea of Aegee-Europe. That means, that the Politics Interest Group of Aegee-Europe provided us and all other Aegee-cities in Europe with the presentation.

If you liked the format of the Europe café, we have good news for you: there will be a Vol. 2 approximately in September.

If you can’t wait until then, we have also good news for you: in the mean time we will continue the Watch-Think-Discuss series, so there will always be room for open discussion.

As always, our events are open for everyone! So don’t hesitate to come! Please follow our Facebook page or the website’s-calendar for the next dates and topics.