Erasmus Kick-off 2018

It’s that time of the year again! We would like to welcome all new Erasmi in our beautiful home town Heidelberg.

As we say in German: “Jeder Anfang ist schwer”, meaning: “every beginning is hard” we want to make your arrival in Heidelberg easier and much, much better! With our events in the beginning of March you will see the most important things in Heidelberg and will immediately fall in love with our town!

These are the events we would like to introduce to you. Please feel free to join us, we are looking forward to meeting you!!!! If you like our Facebook-pages you will always be informed about all of our events for YOU!
To do so, click on the link:

1st of March: “Let’s talk about the environment!” This will be the third meeting of our “Watch-Think-Discuss” events. Everyone is welcomed to join. Afterwards you will get a first glimpse of the Heidelberger nightlife.

2nd of March: Hike to Philosophenweg and Thingstätte!
Let‘s brave the weather and enjoy the last days of winter!
Enjoy with us the beautiful and lovely old town of Heidelberg from the top of Heiligenberg. On our charming way we will find sweet spots like the famous Philosopher’s walk for beautiful views of the city and the exquisite landscape around it.

3rd of March: Winter is still not finished and that’s fine with us! We would like to invite you to go Ice-skating with our. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie our a die-hard Ice-skating pro who is coming straight from the Olympic games, everyone is welcome!


More events to come, follow our website or our Facebook-page! We wish you all the best for your time here, Heidelberg loves you! 

Your AEGEE-Heidelberg Team