City Tour 5 March ’17

Following the tradition of every semester, on the past 5th of March AEGEE-Heidelberg, along with ESN, organized a two hours city tour to give a first insight on our beautiful city to the Erasmus newcomers. Apart from the history of the city and the University, we also tackled some fun facts, tips for leisure time, and places to go out at night. The highlights of our visit were Uniplatz along with its buildings belonging to the University of Heidelberg, Marstall, Untere Straße with its pubs – we stopped in Destille to get even more fired up with “Melonenschnaps”, “Warmer Erpel” and “Gehängtem” shots -, the Old Bridge, Marktplatz and the castle. Even though the weather was partially cloudy, the tour was a success! Our 20 international participants now know a bit more about the most romantic city in Germany thanks to our tour.