Welcome Brunch

Welcome Brunch 31 October ’15

Is there a better way of starting the day than eating food from all over the world? Certainly not for me! The intercultural centre organised this event of awesomeness in cooperation with DAAD, AIESEC and AEGEE to invite international students to a nice start into the new semester. Everyone had been asked to bring something for the buffet – and… Read more →

Speedfriending 02 September ’15

When you’re new in a place what you need most is friends! So as we’re Germans, we wanted to be efficient about it: There’s probably no better way of getting to know tons of people in a very short time than in a good Speed-Friending Session. We met in the irish pub and about 50 Erasmus students joined us. They… Read more →


Anniversary Event Cagliari, 24 – 28 July ’15

AEGEE-Cagliari’s anniversary event was the first European event I attended, and I definitely had a blast! Everything was really well-organised (yes, we had to get up at 7.30 every morning) and we had a great mix of workshops and cultural programme. Sardinia is absolutely stunning, so if you’re up for swiming in the sea at 2am, strolling through medieval cities… Read more →

Agora Asturias 1 – 5 April ’15

Twice per year – in spring and in autumn – up to a thousand AEGEE members come together in one place for AEGEE’s main assembly, which is called an Agora. The Spring Agora 2015 was in Gij√≥n, a beautiful city in a region called Asturias. We had tons of fun at a formal party, a Hawaiian party, a neon party… Read more →