What is the online Language Café?

вас интересует язык? You didn’t understand? But you’re interested in what it means? Then this event is probably something for you: यह एक बहुत ही खूबसूरत दुनिया है! Oh sorry. The language café! Every Wednesday (same time) we’ll meet online in Discord to talk and play online board games! How do we talk? Well that is the clue! There will… Read more →

What are we doing in November?

In the following weeks we will continue our events online. Check out our Info-Event on 10th of November, join our Online-BoardGameNight on the 13th and 27th and watch and talk with us about the TedTalk “nationalism vs. globalism: the new political divide” on the 20th!   Read more →

What kinds of activities do we typically do?

Last month we had a discussion about “How does the climate change affects my mental health?”, where we watched a TedTalk and discussed afterwards. We got to know new perspectives and learned how to be aware of our own mental health. Such an interesting and good talk!   One highlight of the summer was definitely the Wieblinger Neckarwiese, where we… Read more →

“Are you EXTREME enough?” – BriXtreme 2020

  Two members of AEGEE-Heidelberg were recently going on an adventure in in Italy and here you can read and see how they have experienced the AEGEE-Spirit!     “Are you EXTREME enough?” was the motto of BriXtreme 2020, the summer event of AEGEE Brescia. – Climbing up above the trees, kayaking in the burning sun, swimming in an ice cold… Read more →