Agora Bergamo 18-22 May ’16

An AGORA is AEGEE’s general assembly and the greatest and most important youth meeting in Europe. Spring Agora 2016 was hosted by AEGEE-Bergamo and became one of the biggest Agorae ever. More than 1.000 AEGEEans from all over Europe joined their forces and discussed about the future of our continent, voted on position papers and proposals and elected the new board of our organization… and visited the city and partied all night of course. AEGEE-Bergamo’s organizers managed to get both Bergamo’s venerable 19th century opera as well as the “Fiera di Bergamo”, the city’s hige congress centre nearby the airport, as a location. The participation fee was 55€ – acammodation, parties, city tour and three meals a day included. Who would refuse an offer like that?! 😉